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The SERVER RACK DELL R720XD ( 12 TRAY 3.5IN) Improve operational efficiency with enhanced systems management Streamline operations and boost productivity to get the most out of every dollar spent. Manage your Dell PowerEdge servers in complex IT environments by automating the most essential server lifecycle management tasks: deploy, update, monitor and maintain.
Global Services and Support.

Dell Services can help reduce IT complexity, lower costs and eliminate inefficiencies by making IT and business solutions work harder for you. The Dell Services team takes a holistic view of your needs and designs solutions for your environment and business objectives while using established delivery methods, local talent and in-depth domain knowledge to help lower your total cost of ownership.

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Processors: 2 x Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2650 (20M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 8.00 GT/s Intel® QPI
Memory: 16GB ( 2 x 8GB) Ram Ecc Registered 8GB PC3 or PC3L -10600R
Hard Drives: None
Drive Bays: SATA/SAS/SSD 3.5IN 2.5IN
Raid Controller: H710p (
Graphics: Onboard
Power Supply: 2 x 750W
Heatsink : 2 x Heatsink R720XD
Rail Kit: Đa Năng

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