Ổ cứng SSD hiệu Samsung 960GB Sata Enterprise SM863A

Built for write-intensive enterprise applications with Samsung’s 
Built for sustained performance with strong IOPS consistency
Tantalum capacitors for power loss protection
Low latency and high quality of service (QoS)

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Samsung 960GB Sata Enterprise SM863A feature our own V-NAND technology and are built from Samsung components. They are an ideal storage solution for write-intensive applications such as mail servers, data warehousing and high performance computing, providing high endurance for around the clock operations.

V-NAND Technology

Samsung’s V-NAND flash memory helps to overcome the limitations of conventional planar NAND architecture. It stacks 48 cell layers vertically over one another rather than trying to fit itself onto a fixed horizontal space, in order to provide high density and performance with a small footprint

Sustained Performance

Built to handle the 24/7 operation and heavier workloads of data center usage, the Samsung 960GB Sata Enterprise SM863A delivers an exceptionally high level of sustained performance and consistent low latency over the life of the SSD to meet the demands for increasing data handling.

IOPS Consistency

When combined in RAID configurations with multiple drives, small variations are multiplied and lead to significant effects on performance. The Samsung 960GB Sata Enterprise SM863Aa delivers an exceptional level of performance above 99% in random read, as well as superior performance in random write.

Outstanding Reliability

The Samsung 960GB Sata Enterprise SM863A is optimized for server and data center environments by offering reinforced endurance, enterprise-grade power-loss protection thanks to tantalum capacitors, low power consumption and a 3-year limited warranty.

Latency and QoS

The Samsung 960GB Sata Enterprise SM863A offers extremely low latency and a high level of Quality of Service (QoS), which are both essential for data center and cloud server applications.

Advanced ECC Engine and End-to-End Data Protection

Detect signal discrepancies and proactively remedy them in real time with the Error Correcting Code (ECC) engine.

Chia sẻ:    
Model SM863a Interface
Serial ATA 6.0 Gbps
Form Factor 2.5 inch
Density 960 GB
VoltageV +5V ± 5%
Sequential Read (128KB) 510 MB/s
Sequential Write (128KB) 485 MB/s
Random Read IOPS (4KB) 95 KIOPS
Random Write IOPS (4KB) 25 KIOPS

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