HP PROLIANT ML10 (E3-1230V2)

• 1 Intel® Xeon® E3-1230 v2 (4 core, 3.3GHz, 8MB, 69W)
• 4GB (1x4GB) UDIMM
• Non Hard Drive
• 4 x DDR3 UDIMM Slots (1333MHz, 32GB max) ECC
• 4 x IO Slots 1x16PCIe G2, 2x4PCIe G2 & 1×1 PCIe G2

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HP PROLIANT ML10 (E3-1230V2) is now digitally signed using HP’s Corporate Signing Service. This signature is verified before the flash process starts, reducing accidental programming and preventing malicious efforts to corrupt system ROM.
HP PROLIANT ML10 (E3-1230V2) provides for essential initialization and validation of hardware components before control is passed to the customer-installed operating system. HP PROLIANT ML10 (E3-1230V2) also provides the capability of booting from various fixed media (HDD, CD-ROM) and removable media (USB), to continue operation to the operating system.
HP PROLIANT ML10 (E3-1230V2) performs very early configuration of the video controller, to allow monitoring of initialization progress via an attached monitor. If configuration or hardware errors are discovered during this early phase of hardware initialization, suitable messages are now displayed on the connected monitor. Additionally, these configuration or hardware errors are logged to the Integrated Management Log (IML) to assist in diagnosis.

HP PROLIANT ML10 (E3-1230V2) is used to configure the following

– Processor and chipset status registers
– System memory, memory map, and memory initialization
– System hardware configuration (Integrated PCI devices and optional PCIe cards).
– Customer-specific BIOS configuration (using the HP ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU)

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Mainboard Intel Chipset C204 Socket 1155
Processor Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 3.3Ghz 8Mb 4Cores HT
Memory 4Gb RAM DDR3 1600 Ecc Udimm (4 Slots)
Storage HP 1TB 3G SATA 7.2K rpm LFF (3.5-inch) Non-hot Plug Midline support (4) LFF SATA Non-hot plug
Raid Controller 0,1,5,10 Perc S100 Raid
Ethernet Dual 2 Gigabit Port
Graphic VGA onboard
Optical drive Optional
PSU 300W

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